Kansas UAS Summit

Leading the way in UAS integration

October 15, 2015

National Center for Aviation Training - Wichita, KS

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The Kansas Department of Transportation Aviation Division and Kansas State University are partners in exploring the technology, use and demands of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). K-State has robust research activities and academic studies for aviation’s new frontier. KDOT Aviation has been exploring several general but important areas in which UAS equipment can provide a benefit: agriculture, emergency response/public safety, aerial surveying and the creation of new jobs. Because the Federal Aviation Administration regulates all airspace and remains at work on new UAS regulations, the State of Kansas has reached out to different enterprises to consider its role in the UAS field.

Visit the UAS Past Working Sessions section of the website to review the workshops undertaken this year leading up to the Kansas UAS Summit. You’re invited to attend and be part of discussing an emerging field of importance to aviation and Kansas. Blue skies to all!

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